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Independents’ Nut Sale

The Independents’ will have their Holiday Nut Sale on Sunday, November 14, and Sunday, December 12. These are great for your holiday baking and gift giving! Proceeds from the sale help fund the annual Independents’ scholarship. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged to ensure that we have enough of everything on hand. A limited amount of inventory will be available for purchase on the dates listed above, and pre-orders will be available for pickup at those times. To ensure timely delivery for pre-orders, orders for the December 12 date should be placed by December 2. An order form can be found next to the designated basket in the lobby, as well as in your bulletin. Forms may also be obtained by emailing Brenda Yanney at . Completed order forms may be placed in the basket, or you can email them to Brenda or call 816-224-4649 to place your order.