Pastor's Note

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February 7, 2020

Dear Church,
On Wednesday I put on my warmest clothing and made my way downtown to celebrate the Chiefs with a million or so new friends. It was a blast! There was this sense of pride and excitement for our city that’s just contagious. 
But then it hit me. The team that won this Super Bowl won’t be the same team next year. Players will leave or be traded, new teammates will join. Strategies will change and so will the competition! While we’re celebrating today, change is inevitable. We could win years in a row, or we might lose the spark we’ve had (knock on wood!) 
And the same is true of our relationships. We celebrate commitments and the wins we make in life... (sometimes with the energy we bring to football); but the future is never predictable! Sometimes we can’t anticipate that the       relationships we love don’t work out. So what do we do? Just hope for the best? What do Christians believe about the end of relationships? 
Well, you might be surprised! Join us as we continue “Love, Heartbreak, and Trainwrecks”!
Pastor Chris
Posted by Chris Abel