Small Groups

Fall Small Group Registration is now CLOSED! 

Our Fall Small Groups are assigned and meeting for the next 7 weeks.  We provide updates to when our next round of small groups are available to join.  In the meantime, we have other opportunities available to be involved in our church community.  Interested in learning more?  Contact Kristi Harris at .

Learn more about our Fall Small Groups through a FAQ section below. 

What am I signing up for? 

You’re signing up for the Fall Session of a small group! This will be a group of anywhere from 6-14 people who meet together for 7 weeks to talk about life and faith. It’s a personal, casual, way to purposely connect with other people at our church! 

When do we meet? 

We’ll be grouping people by affinity and scheduling. You’ll receive an e-mail in the next few weeks telling you who your group is and what day of the week you’ll be meeting. 

Where do we meet? 

We will provide space at the church for groups to meet… until your group decides to meet elsewhere. For a lot of small groups, once they make the shift to someone’s home, they usually never look back. 

What about Covid distancing measures and masks? 

For all groups meeting in the church building, masks are required. However, if you decide to meet in homes, please decide with your group what feels right for your group. We’ll provide you more details to make this decision. 

What about childcare?

Since this is our first attempt at a cohesive small groups launch, we’ll do our best to plan for childcare at the church. If you decide to meet in someone’s home, we’re willing to help pay for a babysitter. We’ll work with your group! 

What happens when the 7 weeks are done? 

You can decide whether you want to continue with your group for a Spring session, try another group, or decide it isn’t for you! 

Can we eat together? 

Sure! But we recommend not going to elaborate measures. Small groups are meant to foster a relaxed, authentic environment! 

Do we have a curriculum?

We’ll provide a conversation guide for these 7 weeks. After that, your group will receive a weekly discussion guide based on the sermon that previous Sunday.