Small Groups

Welcome to Small Groups!

At First UMC Blue Springs, our mission is to lead people into an active faith in Christ! One of the ways that we do this is by fostering relationships and building a culture of discipleship. We would LOVE for you to be a part of that. If you are interested in getting to know some incredible people of faith, and be part of this special community through Small Groups, fill out the information form below, and we will reach out about adding you to a Small Group in our next round of new groups!

Small group Interest Form

Small Group Introduction Videos 

At the beginning of your first group meeting, please take some time to watch these 3 videos together. Watch them in order, and take time to discuss in between. This should only take 15-20 minutes of your time at most! Then, dive into the discussion guide and start getting to know your group! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I signing up for? 

You're signing up for the spring session of a Small Group! This will be a group of anywhere from 6-14 people who meet together for a few months to talk about life and faith. It's a casual way to find community at our church! While Bible studies and Sunday School focus on the academic side of faith, Small Groups provide an opportunity to live out our faith together and provide everyone with a place in our growing community.

When do we meet? 

You may be added to either a new or an existing small group based on affinity and availability. You’ll receive an email in the next couple of weeks to let you know which group you’re in, along with other important information the meeting time, location, and other group members!

Where do we meet? 

Each group is different! We will happily provide a space at the church for your group if that’s what works best. Some groups prefer to meet at someone’s home or at a restaurant - whatever your group decides on together is fine with us!

What about Covid distancing measures and masks? 

For all groups meeting in the church building, please follow the church’s current masking policy (you are always welcome to wear a mask even if it isn’t required). If you decide to meet elsewhere, please discuss what feels right for your group. We would recommend following current CDC guidelines.

What about childcare?

Currently, childcare is provided at the church for groups which meet on Wednesday evenings. If you need childcare or have questions, please contact Joelle.


Spring Small Groups will meet starting the first full week of February, through the end of May. We’d love for you to give your group a shot during for that time frame. At the end of May, you’ll have an opportunity to decide if you want to continue with the same group or try a different one in the fall!

Can we eat together? 

Sure! But we recommend not going to elaborate measures. Small groups are meant to foster a relaxed, authentic environment! 

Do we have a curriculum?

We will provide a weekly discussion guide loosely based on each week’s sermon. Remember - this isn’t a Bible study! We’ll be talking about how the sermon topics apply to living out our faith together. There will also be some fun get-to-know you questions built in!

Have more questions?

Contact our Small Groups Coordinator, Joelle!

816-229-8108 (office)
816-210-5189 (cell)